Nutraceuticals Products

Rangier Tablets. Treatment and Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anemia & Ensure Healthy Pregnancy

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Cosmoceutical Products

For vaginal dryness especially in post menopause. Facilitates the intimate relationship especially in cases of physic

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Pharmaceuticals Products

Potent analgesic & anti-inflammatory for management of Dental Pain Arthritis Dysmenorrhea

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Who is Marvel !

Marvel is founded in 2006 as Provider of a wide range of Health Care Products Dealing with Multiple Health Problems , Marvel aim is to achieve a very Delicate rank in the global healthcare company track , Marvel Products portfolio features  in 3 key therapeutic categories, including :

Pharmaceuticals , Nutraceuticals , Cosmoceutical

Marvel Vision :

To be best in class corporate in Egyptian pharma market providing a wide range of high quality products and solutions inspiring populace locally, regionally to enjoy healthier and happier lives

Latest Event: MOGA – 2019

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