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Marvel Team

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Marvel Partners:

New Chapter lab, Neutra Pharma Code, Rochester Pharma.

Marvel Mission.

To create value for consumers and stakeholders by developing and promoting superior healthy solutions to enhance the quality of people’s lives.

Marvel Values.

We respect our employees, stack holders and consumers We listen to them and accept their differences


providing our customers with the very best products, learning and sharing our knowledge, and inspiring that passion in others. 

Excellence : 

In everything we do – in our customer service, how we work together, how we work with our partners, and the products and information we provide.


In all aspects of our business is a priority for us, be it in how we work, how we deal with and treat others.


From developing new processes to creating new products, is central to how we work and grow on a daily basis.


Always to new ideas in every business we work and to being honest and transparent with our customers and partners.


We are accountable for our own results. Accountability means more than just doing our job. It includes an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence, and to do things in ways that achieve the goals of our organization.


Mohamed Hozayen : Founder & CEO

Dr. Hozayen has significant healthcare industry expertise over 17 years and a proven track record of success, Dr. Hozayen earned his MBA from the Arabic academy for science and technology & Master in Microbiology and his bachelor’s degree from the University of Zagazig.

Mohamad Gaber: Marketing Director

Prior to his current appointment, Dr. Gaber served as  Sales and marketing director for 2 years, And also act as marketing manager in KMT pharma for 3 years, with an overall experience of over 17 years in sales and marketing management. He had multiple roles of increasing responsibility in Launching New Products, Business Development, and Sales. Dr. Gaber earned his MBA  and Bachelor’s degree from the University of Ain Shams.

Ahmed Abduallah Abu Zahra: Business Unit Manager.

He has significant experience in launching and commercializing healthcare products, and also has great experience in sales management& Business Development. Dr. Abu Zahra earned his Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science in 2012 and had a master’s Degree in pharmacotherapy in 2015.

Ahmed Abduallah: Business Excellence Manager.

BSCs in Pharmacy 2002 with versatile over 15 experience world’s leading pharmaceutical corporations in Egypt and Gulf. Work closely with the C-level executives to formulate the business strategy and execution to maximize the company’s potential. Responsible for setting, monitoring, and reporting of corporate and functional KPIs, Drive the culture of operational excellence to achieve leading performance in efficiency, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and profitability.