Violin Body Lotion 

Enriched body firming formula manages cellulite problems and firming selected areas

Anti-stretch marks performs to relief stretch marks induced by (pregnancy, weight loss or gain and body building)


Caffeine - L-Carnitine – Centella - Shea butter – Dimethicone -  Paraffin oil - Glycerin - Isopropyl Myristate

Pack: A Bottle of 150ml lotion

EX Care Intimate Feminine Wash

Treatment For All Types Of Vaginitis Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Bad Vaginal odor.


Chlorhexidine Digluconate -  Cetrimide  - Tea Tree oil  - Chamomile ext


A Bottle of 250ml .

Tiger Spray

Soothing spray working by providing cooling sensation that relaxes the skin and reduces muscle tension 


Menthol - Salicylic acid - Aloe vera - Urea  - Alcohol - Methyl paraben


A Bottle of 25 ml with an atomizer.

Tiger Gel

For vaginal dryness especially in post menopause.

Facilitates the intimate relationship especially in cases of physical incompatibility between partners.

Optimized for honey moon and newly married.


Hamamelis - Triethanol Amine - Hydroxy methyl Cellulose -  Glycerin - Propylene Glycol - Methyl Paraben - Fragrance.


A Bottle of 60 ml gel

FRUMOS Eye Cream 

Minimizes puffiness and the look of
under-eye dark circles

 Restore a smoother, firmer appearance to the delicate eye contour area and cure wrinkles & has super whitening effect.


Hyaluronic acid – Tri-peptides -Kojic
acid – Glabrdin - Retinyl palmitate –
Caffeine -Titanium dioxide - Shea butter - Emu oil.


A Tube of 25 gm Cream.