Tiger Spray

For premature ejaculation working by providing cooling sensation that relaxes the penile muscles and reduces muscle tension result in more timing during sexual intercourse.


Menthol – Salicylic acid – Aloe vera – Urea L-Arginin – Alcohol- Methyl parabe.


A Bottle of 25 ml with atomizer.

Tiger Gel

For vaginal dryness especially in post menopause Facilitates the intimate relationship especially in cases of physical incompatibility between partners ، Optimized  for honey moon and newly married.


Hamamelis – Triethanol Amine – Hydroxy methyl Cellulose –  Glycerin – Propylene Glycol – Methyl Paraben – Fragrance.


A Bottle of 60 ml gel.

EX Care

Intimate Feminine Wash Treatment For All Types Of Vaginitis ، Abnormal Vaginal Discharge ، Bad Vaginal odor.


Chlorhexidine Digluconate –  Cetrimide  – Tea Tree oil  – Chamomile ext .


A Bottle of 250ml .

Dermavil Products

Frumos Cream

Minimizes puffiness and the look of undereye dark circles ,Hyperpigmentation, Wrinkles Restore a smoother, firmer appearance to the delicate eye contour area and cure wrinkles & has super whitening effect.

ingredients :

Hyaluronic acid – Tri-peptides -Kojic acid – Glabrdin – Retinyl palmitate –Caffeine -Titanium dioxide – Shea butter – Emu oil.

Pack :

A Tube of 25 gm Cream.

Violin Body Lotion

Enriched body firming formula manages cellulite problems and firming selected areas ، Anti-stretch marks performs to relief stretch marks induced by (pregnancy, weight loss or gain and body building)


Caffeine – L-Carnitine – Centella – Shea butter – Dimethicone –  Paraffin oil – Glycerin – Isopropyl Myristate.


A Bottle of 150ml lotion.