Rangier Tablets.

Treatment and Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anemia & Ensure Healthy Pregnancy, 

Ingredient Chelated Minerals

Iron 31mg - Copper - Zinc - Molybdenum - Iodine - Selenium Vitamin B Complex

B1 - B2 - B3 - B5 - B6 - B7 - B8 - Folic acid - B12

Water& Fat Soluble Vitamins - Vitamin C  Vitamin A - Vitamin E.

Pack: 20 Chewable Tablets with Chocolate Flavor  in Two Strips.

Range Cal Tablets

Increase bone mass density and decrease bone loss  in cases of osteoporosis , post menopause women  & during pregnancy,


Calcium - Magnesium  - Vitamin D3  Vitamin E - Zinc  - Folic Acid

Pack: 24 Chewable Tablets with Chocolate Flavor in 4 Strips.

BLUE OX  tablets

Antioxidant Power of 8 Elements in one tablet for

Prevention and inhibition of many degenerative diseases

Liver diseases - Neurodegenerative Disorders - Diabetes - Male& Female infertility

Ingredient:Red Ginseng – L-Arginine – Oats – Zinc – Selenium– Magnesium Vit E - Lecithin

Pack12 Chewable Tablets in 2 strips .

Jenasol Sachets

Bioactive Collagen Peptides Reduce the risk of joint deterioration in a People Suffering From Degenerative Joint Diseases By 2 Positive Influences ; Chondroprotective effect and essential symptoms improvement

Launch Date: 4/2018

Liver diseases - Neurodegenerative Disorders - Diabetes - Male& Female infertility.

IngredientFunctional Collagen Peptides 9gm - Vit C 60mg- Vit E 20mg.

PackA pack contains 10*10gm Sachets

Burner - Diet Gum 

With Concentrated Green Tea

 Fat Burning Gum for.....

Weight Loss - Rich in antioxidant to ensure overall health - Normalize Blood sugar level - Safe for pregnant & Children. 

Active ingredients
Green Tea Extract
Pack A Jar Contains 40 Pieces

Green Burner Diet Gum 

with Concentrated Green Coffee 

Burn more calories by the acceleration of
Lipolysis and Down regulate Carbohydrates
and fat absorption.
For Weight loss in pre-obese and obese
For Diabetes type 2.
Active ingredients
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Pack A Jar Contains 30 Pieces

Rectol Fresh

Is throat lozenges Relieve sore throats discomfort and cold symptoms, available in different flavors .

Launch Date: 10/2016

Vit C- Menthol – Honey - Eucalyptus.
Pack : 12 lozenge in one strip

Violin sugar substitute

Violin sugar substitute is High intensity sweetener with zero calories Better alternative For diabetic Patients & can be included as part of the diabetic diet.& facilitate weight loss or weight maintenance by helping to reduce energy intake.

Launch Date: 03/2018

Ingredient: Sucralose

Pack : 50 Packets Net wt 50 gm.

Neogar Sachets


increases sequestration of bilirubin from enterohepatic circulation & increases the excretion of sequestered bilirubin.

Launch Date: 02/2019

Ingredient: Agarose

Pack : 8 Sachets